Semalt Defines Black Hat Techniques Downfalling Your SEO Campaign

Some of the website owners and marketing consultants consider black hat SEO as a thing of the past, while it's not. Earning real traffic and being high-ranked in the Google Algorithms is an achievement that every online marketer would like to gain. However, some website owners tend to use shady techniques to improve their businesses' visibility and get high-rankings.

When it comes to Google's penalization, ignorance is not considered. Getting your converting keyword to rank high in the algorithms using underhanded techniques can get you in real trouble with Google.

Ivan Konovalov, a top professional from Semalt, warns of some of the black hat techniques and tools used by website owners and marketers with the hope to improve their businesses' visibility and earn real traffic.

Purchasing links

Do you know that selling and purchasing of links that pass the Pagerank are executing blackhat SEO? After selling a link to a publisher, consider advising the administrator the utmost importance of including the links on their website. Failure to do this can jeopardize your relationship with Google and get penalized due to ignorance that can be avoided in the long run.

Key phrases and keyword stuffing

Overstuffing your keywords in your alt image text is one of the black hat techniques that is widely used by marketers. Stuffing your keyphrase on your text may not lead to your penalization, but it will adversely affect your engagement with visitors.

Creating content targeting specific key phrases

In the past, creating keyword-rich content could get you rank highly in the algorithms. The aspect has changed with days as nowadays, creating content that expounds on a theme or a topic very well can rank high than content with a good keyword density.

Gaining links to low-quality sites

Guest blogging plays a significant role when it comes to improving the visibility of a brand. However, blogging on low-quality websites with the aim of gaining links is wrong and can get jeopardize your rankings.

Selling advertisement links

Link scheme is a black hat technique that involves selling of a text link to a publisher. Content marketers term it as advertising, but Google terms it as a black hat technique. In simple words, link scheme involves buying ad space and then adding a link to a generated content.

Accepting links in exchange of free products

Website owners have been sending free products to customers in exchange for a product review link. This scenario is considered as a black hat technique by Google. To avoid executing this black hat technique and getting penalized by Google, consider adding 'rel=" no follow" script to your product review link.

Use of over-optimized internal links and inbound links

Over-optimizing internal links can get you into real trouble. Internal links are meant to spread your link throughout your website. To grab your audience attention and make them click on your site, use natural and interactive language rather than focusing on over-optimizing your converting keyword.

Use of irrelevant key phrases to rank high in the algorithms

When it comes to content marketing, the creation of original and fresh content is of utmost importance. Adding irrelevant keywords into newly generated content can lead you into real trouble. Google has a way of identifying the exact topic of content using the Latent Semantic Indexing tool.

Article spinning

Using manual or automatic techniques to spin existing articles is considered as black hat SEO. If you get caught with spun articles, you end up paying a penalty of duplicating content. Avoid this black hat technique by paying for original and fresh content.

Use of bait pages and switching on to low-ranking pages

Website owners have a method of getting a page high-ranked by the algorithms and then turning on the page with low-ranking pages. You might end up being high-ranked temporarily, but Google will figure out your technique in the long run. Earn real traffic by posting insightful and interactive content on your page.

Black hat techniques are commonly used by website owners and marketers to improve their businesses' visibility using the non-paid results. Use of black hat techniques can entirely kill your search engine optimization rendering it non-sustainable. Instead of getting ranked high by using black hat techniques such as link exchanges and meta descriptions stuffing, consider practicing white hat SEO by engaging your customers and earning their trust.